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Matthias attended group counseling for gay men held by clergy. Interestingly, four of them reported studying the Bible even more in adolescence because they were seeking answers to existential questions or to feel closer to God. Islamic reflection on gay, lesbian, and transgender Muslims. Born in a small town and moved to a large city to study and live with his boyfriend. He and his family are deeply committed to religious practice.

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Five participants referred to mothers and grandmothers as guardians of the religious tradition, whereas fathers were presented as more reserved or absent.

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Clergy should be educated about the potentially devastating effects of openly expressing prejudice against the LGBT community by people who represent authority. Those who accepted homosexuality as part of who they were and realized their needs for intimacy with a partner, claimed they did not regard gay identity as a sin. Konrad was full of shame and guilt for committing the same sin repeatedly i. Archived from the original PDF on This may reflect the oppressor-victim dynamics mentioned earlier, in which various conflicted parts are likely to activate at different moments Howell, With every participant, she used open-ended questions or instructions, such as Can you tell me about religious life in your family when you were young? He thought participation in the group helped him embrace his homosexuality, even though he initially hoped to change it.

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In the Results section, the data are presented mostly at face value, highlighting similarities and differences between participants. This study explores how Polish gay Catholics establish their gay identity with reference to the religious tradition in which they were brought up and the beliefs they endorsed and internalized during socialization. During each interview, clarification questions were asked to negotiate the meaning participants wanted to convey. Participants in this research described their religious socialization and its impact on how they experienced their homosexuality, experienced intra-psychic conflicts and attempts to resolve them. All participants said that acknowledging their attraction to same-sex was challenging and even challenging to their self-image. Participants highlighted that although the Catholic Church officially does not condemn homosexuals as people, intimate behavior with same-sex was regarded as a sin against God. Radek imagined God as benevolent and hoped any of his faults would be forgiven, as long as he followed his conscience.

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