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The name was fitting,if you didnt no anybetter,you would sware they were teapartyers,they were for less goverment,less taxes,they believed in the 1st and 2nd amendment. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. In andas MySpace users switched to Facebook and Twitter en-masse, they failed to bring their obsession with the Scene Queens with them. Obama Has Sold Us Out. Friday, November 30, at

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Im telling ya america,-this includes you demicrates,you have to chooses the way i see it-you hit the streets now-in masses and insist he step down-or buy a gun.

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Views expressed here are his own. The clash between Hello Kitty and lingerie attracted hundreds of thousands of teenage followers and, presumably, some dirty old men to her MySpace page, transforming her from a scene girl into Scene Queen. I think the last time I heard that I was on a grade school playground. The military reserve was formed to provide California a trained and organized military force in the event of a state security emergency when the National Guard is deployed.

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At this hour the compromised and blackmailed Washington D.

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