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Originally posted by newtmqs. He has not had any scandal individually when it comes to issues involving sexuality. So for now she cannot be termed as gay or bisexual but rather straight. Are any of them gay or bisexual? Also all we ever read about and see are heterosexual relationships and people, I like variety.

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Apart from all members of Seventeen being presumed as gays after a Pepero game, there has not been any other proof.

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Netizen defends Seventeen for their 'gay behavior'

So for now, at age19, he cannot be said to be gay or bisexual. My group has actually done worse than that. Wonwoo Wonwoo checking from his age would be a misplaced priority if we are to discuss her sexuality. While there she meets fellow lesbian Graham and hits it off with her. Me reading stuff online like. Originally posted by thegayfleet.

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Alex Strangelove - This Netflix Original follows Alex Truelove, a highschool senior with a girlfriend eager to take the next step in their relationship. Log in to comment. Don't live your life like that because karma will bite you in the ass eventually. The songs you guys voted as gay anthems. The first member to discuss is S.

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