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Goldberg wrote that "Savage's brand of over-the-top bile Look at the greatest art in history, you'll find most of them were super religious people, who literally saw God in their living room, and they took the power of God and that was transmitted through the paintbrush, or through that piece of marble. Savage's style and views are so outspoken, vitriolic, and hyper-masculine that even the conservative pundit Bernard Goldberg included Savage in People Who Are Screwing Up America. Southern Poverty Law Center. On April 17,Savage was seriously criticized worldwide after he said on the topic of Muslims, "They say, 'Oh, there's a billion of them. Get back on the road, and go back down to the meadow, and be with your family.

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And you need men like me to save the country.

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Michael Savage

The Best of the Savage Nation — Volume 2: Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. Christianity is the true religion of peace. Arguably his most popular is Liberalism is a Mental Disorderwhich has turned into a popular catchphrase chanted by his followers. In an incident dating back toSavage and his more-than-somewhat creepy wife Janet were nearly arrested for assaulting local filmmakers following the San Francisco police and told the camera crew: In his book The Savage Nationhe described his upbringing as tough:. Restoring The Country After Obama".

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Retrieved September 28, The police are afraid of the ACLU. Put another, put another sodomite on Southern Poverty Law Center. Most likely the caller responded to Savage's question with "New York University", but the caller's line either was unmuted late or faded out.

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