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A year-old IT manager and master of divinity student who lives in Leslieville. There are very different reasons why a four-year-old may insist they are the opposite sex compared to a teenager making the decision after becoming immersed in trans forums online, all urging transition; there are also different reasons why boys and girls may want to transition. These kids do need psychological therapy, along with plenty of time to explore their feelings and the possible reasons behind their feelings. Stay strong. And no matter what they do they can not become women. It is disturbing and dangerous that parents must be wary of psychotherapists to the point of keeping troubled kids out of therapy. Adele 23 Aug Reply.

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He will need extensive counseling to help him cope with not getting what he wants right now.

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Trice 19 Nov Reply. I am a rather liberal mom but I just am not buying that my son is trans. He has been clear on that. I turned to alcohol, often consuming a whole case of beer in a single night.

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I told him nobody with a mental disorder likes to hear they have one, why would he be any different?

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