Working on a cure for transsexuals

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The criteria for therapy include: While research in this area is sparse, the current evidence points toward a biologic etiology for transgenderism. In girls, breast development will become atrophic, and menses will stop; in boys, virilization will stop, and testicular volume will decrease Cardiovascular health in transgender women has been reviewed in recent publications. Retrieved 13 June During the first 3—9 months of testosterone treatment, total testosterone levels may be high, although free testosterone levels are normal, due to high SHBG levels in some biological women. Optometry and Vision Science.

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The recommendation was intended to help patients transition socially.

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Hormone therapy for transgender patients

It has been suggested that progestins be added during the last week of each cycle of estrogen therapy in order to develop more rounded breasts rather than the conical breasts many of these patients develop, but we have been unable to detect any difference in breast contour with or without progestins. This finding also has important implications for treatment. Is hormonal therapy associated with better quality of life in transsexuals? Care of transsexual persons". Later in this review I discuss the effects hormones have on quality of life and perception of personal well-being. Long-term evaluation of cross-sex hormone treatment in transsexual persons.

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Androgen receptor expression in human ovarian and uterine tissue of long-term androgen-treated transsexual women. Demographic characteristics, social competence, and behavior problems in children with gender identity disorder: Spider veins may appear or be more noticeable as a result. Widening and rounding of the pelvis f. Transgender women may be at higher risk for bone loss despite estrogen use This justifies the strong recommendation in the face of low-quality evidence. Estrogens are highly efficient inhibitors of the hypothalamic-hypophyseal-testicular axis —

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