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It was Berthollet who took Gay-Lussac under his wing as his student and laboratory assistant. When his father was arrested in he was later released as a member of the bourgeois establishment, Gay-Lussac was sent to a boarding school in Paris. This helped him keep his moral compass, as undoubtedly did his wife after his marriage. In his final years he served as a consultant for the glass factory at Saint-Gobain. The work of Volta inspired many chemists to investigate the chemical effects of the voltaic pile. However, he soon dropped out to pursue his interest in chemistry.

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During this trip he took measurements of the earth's magnetic fieldand studied Mount Vesuvius, an active volcano which erupted around that time.

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Joseph-Louis Gay-Lussac

The United Nations UN …. It was not until his fourth Bakerian lecture, read on 15 Decemberthat Davy made any claim to the discovery of a new substance. They then undertook a journey to Italy and Germany to study the Earth's magnetic field. Gay-Lussac was also bright active policy which earned him the recognition of politicians and citizens. Other articles you might like: Another standard solution of sodium chloride one-tenth of the concentration of the first was also prepared. To ensure more accurate experimental results, he used dry gases and pure mercury.

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Among his other work in inorganic chemistry Gay-Lussac investigated the thermal decomposition of sulfates 16 Under suitable oxidizing conditions, he was able to convert the sulfides of zinc and iron to the sulfates. Other related experiments seemed to indicate to them that potassium was not an element at all but a hydride, and they argued this at length with Davy. While a young boy he was tutored at home and had a very comfortable upper-middle class existence until the events known as the "French Revolution" broke out and brought the world as he knew it to an end. These are the results which, along with his conclusions, make Gay-Lussac famous, even today. From tohe was the professor of physics at the Sorbonnea post which he only resigned for the chair of chemistry at the Jardin des Plantes. He then provided for her education.

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