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Have a nominee for DOTW? That is one ugly mo-fo. This dorky, non-conventionally-attractive lady is obviously not welcome. Are they working for free? We as adults have a problem when we're looking at it and read things into it. One insert to Vanity Fair showed a middle-aged man and young man in playful, romantic poses aboard a sailboat, an ad that many read as a gay couple -- even though in reality they were the son and grandson of actor John Wayne. I lasted 2 years there and had to move on.

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Ironically, the reply card responses include "No

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21 Queerest Moments in Abercrombie & Fitch History

D9W balehead- I was thinking he was a closet queen. And we want to market to cool, good-looking people. James from chicago Dirty old man. Much easier than way. I agree with The Real Mike whole-heartedly. The clothes just seemed like this same ole crap year after year. I want to marry you.

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He also gave us directives for the staff which were way out of line. The catalogues were kind of intriguing for a few years but even they became blah. Of course the worse is the aging queens who shop there deluding themselves into thinking that wearing the brand will make people think they are a straight, frat boy. Much easier than way. What planet do you live on?

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