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Print this post. So politically, it was a no-risk, no-lose proposition, and it gives staunch Obamaphiles still another halo, this one in rainbow colors, to hang on the head of their shining black prince. The main purpose is to hold all politicians accountable from the standpoint of the dog-n-pony show when they go asking 'you for your vote'. However it's going to take a note pad and pencil to discuss this rebuttal. Once we get on code, form alliances and stand up to injustices we won't be taken seriously as are the alphabets today. List of 14 unarmed Black Americans killed by police so far in the US in ADOS thus far also haven't adopted antiquated methods of organization like Black Lives Matter which has largely been marginalized and watered down like all the other black movements that came before it.

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April 13,

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Hey, you paid your taxes The meaning and necessity of revolution in the 21st century. Lao Tzu Apr 27, from Android.

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Lao Tzu Apr 27, from Android.

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