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Black skinny jeans, ratty gray henley, jean jacket, canvas skater shoes. He really does look like a lesbian. He's rich and pretty but so done with life at 25, it's a gas. I prefer Cole but this will do also. R81 Well Philip Seymour Hoffman was my favorite actor, so my taste probably isn't applicable to twinks.

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We've all had embarrassing youthful crushes but turning 25, chain-smoking and flashing pecs on TV doth not a Daddy make, kids.

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R Cole can't pull off being hetero. Oh, and that he's a vegan hipster Internet-troll who can't keep a girlfriend but has Black men lusting after him. And he definitely has more chemistry with KJ than with Lili. Even that guy briefly on Glee modeled for Versace. All pretty boys look like girls. To him anyone younger than 40 is a toddler. Dylan always smiles more, he seems like more of an open book and like he has more energy.

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She tells him that Sarah is in the psychiatric ward. Just looking gorgeous lately There are some glamor shots where he looks attractive to me, and I'm a 1st-degree goldstar Les so that tells you everything. Whatever problems they had are slight compared to disasters like Corey Haim. Yet how does one go about defining what cultural behaviors are to be considered acceptable or unacceptable?

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