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The reason we are having this conversation is people who are queer identified with faith and what they keep experiencing is rejection. In the state of Bormo, a person who "engages in At around 2 a. On September 17 Rita said she was walking home at night when she was attacked by four men. He then goes on to talk about what the average gay person in Nigeria goes through, public persecution and jail.

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In the land of the dead, human beings and apes are kin.

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Queer in Nigeria: 'People don't think we exist'

ABC teams share the story behind the story and insights into the making of digital, TV and radio content. I wish I could change my voice because that's like a dead giveaway" says Datari. Before I go into conversion therapy, let me just say this, for me I think there is no way you can take sexuality from the issue of religion. But even at that, some of the participants are pressured or coerced into ratting out their peers. The offender cannot be arrested without a warrant. Because we had a Catholic woman who came with a carton of books and narrating how gay people had destroyed Nigeria and how gay people are a curse like Peter had said and how gay people have been giving everyone HIV diseases and all kinds of things to Nigeria and it has made a very strong argument that that law should be passed.

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Be subtle in ways even the biblical snake would be envious. Most jurisdictions in the world have classified conversion therapy to some extent as a form of psychological torture. But even at that, some of the participants are pressured or coerced into ratting out their peers. In parties held in hotels around cities like Lagos, men find a space to be openly gay, the Guardian reports. And for you to be in a relationship with somebody, you must share the same virtues, where you are not sharing the same thing with the person, you must drop what you believe… like what we are discussing here. Attendance at church meetings, however, is risky. Sometimes I look at my mother and I know the suspicions are still in her mind, eating her up like a tumor.

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