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Your comments are genuine and meaningful, thank you for sharing. You are just not familiar with that culture, I guess. Actually, I find more interesting people are willing to engage a badass with long hair. What if you look much better with short hair? I powered through and actually met my girlfriend when my hair was shoulder-length. My hair is a gift that keeps on giving.

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And nice to hear about my countryman.

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Real Men Have Long Hair

Also I know very well how inconvenient to have long hair, so I'd rather wear wigs if I want to go in that mood. Frankly, I occasionally dream of having long hair, but that dream isn't very different from other daydream that I wish I had female's body line, which can't turn to reality anyway. So I cut it all off. I was seventeen in a catholic high school and my curly black hair was growing beyond what was considered acceptable. Posting Quick Reply - Please Wait. As for me, I'm not gay, but I like being girly in the closet. Thanks for the inspiration and for what you all do for those that are and those aspiring to be longhairs.

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I caved in to pressure of advice to cut it. Good to hear from you as always Equus, thanks for your take on it. Originally Posted by cocaseco Duh! I love everything about this and I really, really wish I were sitting next to you at the bar with the Czech. Page 1 of 4.

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