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When you're in good company, you share things about your own life. I haven't been brave enough to take her out with me again He mentions a game where he got a couple of huge decisions wrong. Role models are important to show that being gay and being interested in football are by no means mutually exclusive. We like to know what's going to happen, and we like to be in control.

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It's my belief that 'being yourself' without fear ultimately makes you happier, which in turn makes you a better person.

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Should Rondo receive bigger punishment for anti-gay slur?

They turn out in rain, snow or sun, with none of the glory you get from playing. Ross says he obsesses about every borderline call. They talk of how fit it makes them Arshe, who referees six games every weekend, says he averages 30, steps every match dayof the satisfaction of getting through difficult games and the bond that develops between officials. I think that's ingrained in us as human beings. Assistant referee rainbow flag illustration courtesy of Steve Welsh at miniboro.

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Order by newest oldest recommendations. But I truly believe it will be a positive outcome - for me, for the relevant governing bodies and for anyone who aspires to the maxim to 'Be Yourself'. Of course, being gay doesn't matter in the context of refereeing a match but if I'm speaking about equality and diversity, then I'm going to mention that I'm gay because it's relevant. They've become some of my best friends who I keep in regular contact with and meet up for beers. We lost my aunt to cancer later that year and I never got time to tell her about how my life was changing. He's somebody who I've been very privileged to get to know. However, I believe it would be minimal - the FA and clubs are already showing strength in tackling any incidents where they arise.

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