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The sexual tension was so thick you could cut it in the air, but I just assumed it had to wait for the bed that evening. Including his most dreaded job, posting tot he blog. February is here in DC and the weather really sucks. Ron Balos, who coincidentally was sashed a few hours earlier. I visit them in the title vest. OK I know you had enough of Paulie and Evan's interview so we are going to punish you with one more!

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David spent romantic time at Maine eating crustaceans like they were candy. Your all invited, come on in my friends, and sit at Paulie and Evan's table of fun. Submission is a gift. This week the boys are back from Skiing and boy is Paulie's ass sore, they he went skiing. Since this is a Leather Title, you should know most people believe a Leatherman to be someone who has a somewhat wider range of sexual interests than most. Sunday offers a Victory Bash Powerhouse from 6pm — 10pm. Here is the actual Podcast

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I could really use a massage. I hope your watching Janice Dickinson's TV show. By their very nature, they are non-conventional, unintentionally. The last of the three part series with our Pal Lawrence Roberts. Paulie and Evan loved you and wish they had the half a Mil for your Diaries. The sound system in that building is out of this world. This week the boys give you a bang for the 4th weekend and hope that you will see fireworks.

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