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Tyler Hill June 6, at 9: Mind if I backtrack for a bit — the chances of Michael Sam and Vito to meet were very high, since both were standout athletes at the same university not only for coming out, but also they were GOOD. Notice, you do not see a plethora of high-profile white gay public figures with black partners. This isn't to say that there is no homophobia in the black community — there is. As for you, Bjoern, do you wear the rainbow flag on your Klan robe?

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Mark Podhorecki June 8, at 8:

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Whoa there!

My question to you is this: I say if these couples are comfortable, and happy in their relationships more power to them! The undefinable, inexplainable thing that makes the world go round? A nuanced conversation about why "some" perhaps many Black gay men prefer white partners must contend with internalized racism, internalized homophobia, colorism, and other systems of oppression that warp our conceptions of acceptance, self-love, and attraction. This week, in a five-part column series, you will hear from five gay black men—including two who are HIV positive—who will share their personal stories and perspectives on why the epidemic has continued so long and why no one seemed to care. You certainly have some valid points but you need to deal with your rage before it consumes you. Forget about blaming "the media" the question this writer should be asking is why don't we date outside our race MORE than we do.

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You pathetic article would have a point if you could give these gay black guys an alternative!? Which in my estimation is hogwash. The undefinable, inexplainable thing that makes the world go round? Stop trying to analyze it. If you think that excluding people by race makes you "concious" then you are a dimwitted racist who buys this faux "Black concious" bullshit. Articles like this serve no actual purpose and doesn't contribute anything on race relations in the LGBT community. We'll send you a link to create a new password.

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