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Born for each other? Just check out Kerry's military-pertinent voting record. I totally understand your situation. I found it inspiring and will be looking for a way to copy it for each of my family members. I have teenage neices and nephews and I know they aren't being allowed to do this, so I wondered if this was just a southern trend. Those of you who do, get a life! That should be something to see.

I have chosen to respond to R.

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Bermuda's government fights against same-sex marriage in Court of Appeal

I checked out the Guestbook after work and had a good chuckle. This story has been edited to correct Linda Bogle-Mienzer's age, and upon request, incorporate her full surname, and to correct the spelling of Greg and Winston Godwin-DeRoche's surnames. She explained to us that her parents were "totally cool" with anything she wanted to do. Have a nice day! An alphabetical directory of out-of-town and local visitors to the Guestbook follows the comments. Not sure was 1.

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And it's a fair one to ask in the context of the strong opinions expressed in recent Guestbook discussion. His family has two other children and is having a tough time of things lately. In this day and age, I think most of us like to talk and teach our kids and grandchildren about diversity. What's to stop us from getting a marriage license and going to some bleeding-heart liberal preacher and getting married? More storage space - and mementos - are seen covering the walls in Reynolds' home.