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If you arch your legs too high or bend them to far, you run the risk of your anatomy spilling out. That fraying free T-shirt you got for completing a 10K inyour mangy old university hockey top, baggy shorts that have never known the love of a good washing machine —yes, we can smell them btw — and red rugby socks why always the red rugby socks, where do you find them?! By Nick Carvell. Men's Variety Copyright Fitness Ordinary people test Britain's toughest fitness programs. Oh, and remember:

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Don't forget to vote in our freeballing poll!

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If we wanted to see a penisall we have to do is go to one of our favourites porn sites and at least a MILLION knobs will appear on our screen. Gay people still aren't safe. Freeballing means not wearing underwear underneath your clothes. The very best way to make sure you do what you have set out to do is leave the underwear at home.

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Scared to sit in the sauna in case our hand creeps over to your knee?

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