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Erick is thrilled to get to attend homecoming with his friend and said those around him, including his teammates, have expressed their support. The lead role is played by three actresses who represent the different stages of Cher's life. Tracey Cox reveals women's secret desires - from a trip to I scrape mould off the top of jam and eat what's Major study reveals drug 'damages

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CBS News polling review and analysis finds that most Americans are frustrated by national debate over gun policy.

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Gay Sailor's Homecoming Comes With Surprise Marriage Proposal

It's partly why LGBT rights supporters in California's Modesto County, a generally conservative area in the state's central valley, are cheering the election of two students to Enochs High School's homecoming court last week. It's a sign of the times and the fact that things are changing. Thrifty mother-of-six has saved a fortune on decorating her home by making a chandelier from a hula hoop, The smiling football team captain can be seen giving a thumbs up as he makes his way towards an elaborate display set up by Alexander. Group called "reprehensible in its admiration for Nazi imagery and racist views, but even more alarming are the crimes and violence perpetrated by these defendants". What to Read Next.

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Oregon's Ron Wyden says U. The secret of a happy marriage may hinge on where you fall in your family's birth order, a new book claims 'She manipulated him! Living in the shadows: One in 40 of Australia's cattle thought to have drowned in flooding unleashed by downpour after 5 years of drought. View this post on Instagram. The surprise "was the effort of hard work between myself and others," Duarte wrote on Instagram. Martin, pictured with female cheerleaders, said most people at hs school have accepted him, but there also have been some negative remarks about his coming out, especially from the jocks.

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