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If the Pet Shop Boys were American, they would probably have written "Parked at the rest stop" instead. Reportedly only copies were pressed. Log in to watch more. This well-documented fact was surely not lost on the Boys as they wrote and recorded this song, especially in light of all the other homoerotic aspects of the lyrics. Incidentally, it's well worth noting that lay-bys in the U. Click this button to skip to the next video. This action cannot be undone!

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Whatever the case, it's certainly no instance of plagiarism since the two songs are so very different that I, for one, can't hear much of any similarity at all aside from the sound of the electric guitar and perhaps the general "mood" of the songs. Music for your Website. This action cannot be undone! Automatically share your activity on Facebook. After all, you can find them "dancing in the moonlight.

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In light of all this, it's worth noting that the sleeve art of an extremely rare inch vinyl promo of "The Truck-Driver and His Mate" takes the notorious "penis graphic" of the "Before" vinyl promo and doubles it, thereby representing the two men of the title. Bob and Tom Truck Clock Leave us feedback. It's perhaps worth noting that Neil Tennant himself hails from Newcastle, having been born in the neighboring community of Brunton Park. They organize and support the Bob and Tom Radio: The show is a comedy variety show with significant interaction with its listeners. Tambourine Man Hey, Mr.

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