Transgender pageants

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They should have the right to be in the beauty pageants which are only prepare for the transgender people. Transgender people are people Most to Least Likes: Alongside Ms Ponce is another contestant who has battled prejudice, and is also making history as Panama's first indigenous Miss Universe contestant. This pageant is meant to be competed against naturally born women.

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I thought that beauty pageants were open to anyone that wanted to be in them.

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Meet The Winner Of The World's Largest Transgender Beauty Pageant

Unless of course you have a pageant for mixed gender in which everyone is allowed. You can do that while being a man: Taiwan's constitutional court last year ruled that same-sex couples had the right to legally marry, and set a two-year deadline for legalisation. Should gambling have a spending limit if so how much and why? Of course, Transgender people are people. Especially when everyone else is judging you. Most to Least Replies:

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I thought that beauty pageants were open to anyone that wanted to be in them. Picked by several online bookies as the favourite to win the crown, Ms Ponce volunteers with a non-profit in Spain that works with children and families dealing with gender identity issues. Creating a beauty pageant for only transgender people is just telling them that they don't fit in with society. So, Yes, She should be able to compete because the modifications she made to her body are not set apart from contestants that were born women but had physical modifications, They are just more extensive. I am an old fashioned kind of girl. If there is no rule that says a contestant has to be female, then

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