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So please take care while gardening. It didn't take them long to corner the bat among some tinsel. The tawny owl was found being attacked by crows on the cycle track south of Ayr. A sparrowhawk was rescued and made a very fast recovery, It was released the following day. Sara got help to lift the injured deer into the back of her vehicle, and drove straight to Hessilhead.

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It was unlikely he would find the gate again.

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Welcome to GBMCC

He spent more than an hour exploring the shallows, sometimes we thought he would come ashore, and the first time he ventured a little way out, something spooked him and came back like a bullet. At the foot of the bed was the baby's cot. The roof comprises a series of ridges, and a swan in the dip between the ridges is unable to spread its wings enough for take off. Already it is eating well, so we expect it will soon be returned to Scout HQ. It had been left on a path for nearly 2 hours, and was really cold when he came to Hessilhead. This morning one of our buzzards was collected for release.

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Despite its appearance, the swan came walking towards us for bread, and we soon had it in the swan bag in the back of the car. It went off at top speed, obviously pleased to be free. Reaching the top of the lade involved scrambling down a steep bank, with little vegetation and loose soil and frost. I kept slipping down the bank, and if I missed the tree at the bottom, I'd be in the lade too. So they usually have to be hand fed, but that isn't the end of it. We gradually warmed them by putting their box on a heat pad, and I have just given them their first feed from a bottle.

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