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R83 Where did that GIF come from? Hollywood movies make much of their profit, in many cases, most of their profits playing in countries not friendly to gays. On a Friday night. Efron also celebrated their first anniversary with Sami Miro declaring his love for the gorgeous and lovely damsel. He told another man in a West Hollywod gym years ago, who he was mad for adjusting the equipment or some such nonsense: Why do you think Ashton Kutcher and the producers of Punk'd teased Efron about being gay over 10 years ago? Find an actual straight guy to fantasize about.

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Funny how fangirls only have one deferse against gay rumors:

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Zac Efron’s Boyfriend, Brother And Parents

The female body is a mystery, apparently. U be sleeping with the fishes is such a hardcore street threat. Most women are NOT like the gay shipper fanfraus we have here. You queens, I mean "fags" just following Datalounge lingo are pathetic. And when did he decide to become a comedian and only do comedies? Being in a musical production does not mean an actor is gay. BTW, R and R are at the opposite ends of the spectrum.

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Have a lovely day, dear. They will both receive a big bonus from the studio if they can help lock in the sequel, plus they will both be guaranteed roles in the next film with a bump in salary from the first installment. I remember the rumors Zac being gay when he was doing those High School Musical films. Gay stor m front. I'm sure I've been blocked numerous times by numerous posters, but I keep being seen. They're talked about here - there's an entire thread on them.

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